Must have books for Sociology

Sociology by Anthony Giddens

SociologyAnthony Giddens is a British sociologist who basis much of his work around modern society. Sociology in its 7th edition offers a dominant, strong introduction to those who wish to study sociology. In its updated version it looks at the latest society and global changes. Although it is crammed full of new and intellectual ideas and findings it still allows the reader easy accessible information with a good structural layout which is fluent and easy to follow.  It offers research articles and draws the reader in allowing them to be captured in to the environment of sociology and build on theories and perspectives.

Sociology by James Fulcher and John Scott

The authors of the book deal with the complexity and sensitive issues of sociology and looks at the different areas of sociology through theoretical perspectives. It allows students to see sociology in its critical form encouraging debates on issues that arise in the book and engaging students to examine social issues from a range of different perspectives. They cross reference so that students can build on their knowledge of other ideas and theories so that other material can be viewed. They include ‘media watch’ discussing and examining the latest stories that have been featured in the news and connect them with issues and ideas raised in the book.

Introductory to Sociology by Tony Bilton, Kevin Bonnett, Pip Jones, Tony Lawson, David Skinner, Michelle Stanworth, Andrew Webster

The Introductory to Sociology is established as one of the most popular books when it comes to sociology. It offers insight in to those studying sociology for the first time at such a high level combining its work to show in-depth and critical thinking on issues such as; social identity, globalisation and modernity. Its analytical thinking is demonstrated through illustrative discussions and guiding readers to engage in critical debates with its thematic approach. It brings together different contemporary theories and approaches allowing for critical analyses.

Sociology Themes and Perspectives by Michael Haralambos and Martin Holborn

This introductory text gives readers an update and contemporary portray of sociology using the latest theoretical research and development along with studies to support the findings. It delivers new age sociology thinking and delivers it in detail and in-depth form. This latest edition gives clear and accessible information on globalisation. This informative but easy to follow text gives concise explanations to sociology concepts and a full ray of illustrations and photography as an extended way of explanation and to promote clarity.  

Sociology and Social Work by Jo Cunningham and Steve Cunningham

The text has been very cleverly formatted so that it successfully integrates the work of sociology with social work. The text has been set out so that it is clear, concise and accessible to introductory students examining the links between the two subjects. The book is based around sociological perspectives and how they can be applied to the different areas of social work developing the students understanding of how these perspectives can give a sight to attributes that contribute to social behaviour.

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