Introductory Information Technology Textbooks

Business and Information Systems

By Paul Beynon-Davies

Technology This book has been developed for students with no prior knowledge of the subject. It can be seen as an introductory text focused on students studying business and management studies. It is largely based on information systems and how these technologies can be applied to organisations. It has a wide range of clear, precise and accessible information for students with a strong connection to theoretical work and showing how theory is transformed in to the workings of an organisation. The book consists of 30 case studies to show how information systems are key to the development of any organisation.

An introduction to Information Systems

By David Whiteley

Through enthusiasm and insight David Whiteley has offered readers a comprehendible and accessible introduction on how businesses are using information technology. It provides up to date information on how the effective use of information technology can be integrated into organisations and contribute to business success. It contains case studies to show how businesses have used information technology.

Technology Management; Activities and Tools

By Dilek Cetindamar, Rob Phaal and David Probert

Technology Management looks at how managing technology to optimise an organisations capability can improve performance. It guides readers on new ways to improve productivity and efficiency so that the businesses potential increases. Through examples it allows the reader to study how technology management can play a central role in the development of a business and how any business structure should contain a clear and precise technology management system that can be implemented successfully. Strategic management of technology should run align with the overall strategic plan of the business.

Information Technology Law

By Ian J. Lloyd

This text is considered the most comprehendible and accessible textbook regarding information technology and the law. Information Technology Law specialises on the relationship between technology and law and gives a detailed analyses and latest developments especially concerning the UK and EU on how law and technology integrates. The textbook introduced how technology is governed and how difficult legal order is to establish in regard to this fast moving technology age. It goes further to examine the law and issues regarding technology stored information.

 Technical Impact: Making Your Information Technology Effective, And Keeping It That Way

By Al Kuelber

This third and bestselling addition provides ways and ideas on how to effectively implement information technology in to a business and to emphasize and give credit to information technology systems that have contributed to the overall success of the company. Al Kuelber sets out approaches that organisations can adopt to be effectively beneficial to the company and gives clear examples to back up his ideas that organisations can actually achieve such integration. He gives out a clear and precise message, that if companies continually to rigorously improve information technology in regards to its effectiveness on the overall company and combine it within its infrastructure the business will continue to thrive. It engages information technology professionals and shows how their contribution to a company can be vital, it encourages them that a career in IT can be as fundamental and fulfilling as you make it. 

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