Five Best Selling Medical Textbooks for Medical Students

Instant Anatomy

MedicalRobert Whitaker the author of the book is now a retired paediatric surgeon who teaches first year medical students at Cambridge. In its fourth edition it now offers precise and clearly accessible material focused on the anatomy and the individual relationships between the anatomical system. Written in a text book style manner with explanations of each concept and definitions of medical words and phrasing the book offers straight forward learning set out in a manner for students and clinical professionals to quickly absorb. It is based solely around the anatomy so readers can locate and investigate areas rapidly.

Clinically Orientate Anatomy

Keith Leon Moore a professor in the divisions of the anatomy specialising in the study of surgery. This is considered a must have book for those prospective students considering studying the basis of medical science and those who are more clinically involved. It provides first year medical students with the fundamental clinical concepts and information needed for students to study and practice medicine successfully. It has complete coverage of the working of the anatomy going as far as to include medicine, physical therapy and dentistry.

David’s Principals and Practices of Medicine   

Christopher Haslett’s medical textbook is seen as core to those studying medicine and also to those practising medicine. It is said to give a traditional view of the understanding of medicine as the basis of such a subject has remained the same but fileted with ever changing developments of clinical medicine.  It has been the first clinically medicine book chose by medical students for decades as it gives students a clear and precise understanding of clinical medicine.

Medicine at a Glance

Medicine at a Glance edited by Patrick Davey gives an introduction to medicine giving rational and precise understanding for those practicing medicine. The textbook is set out to give clear understanding to the practices of medicine using illustrations, diagrams and pictures so that the different areasof medicine can be accurately interpreted. It is said to be the most popular tool when it comes to revision as the illustrations allow much of the information to be absorbed and digested so that it can be relayed correctly in the form of an exam. It is constantly being updated so that it can remain as the most effective textbook for revision. 

Oxford Handbook of Clinically Medicine

Murray Longmore a general practitioner and author of this book along with contributions of more than 15 other authors are said to have created the worlds bestselling pocket handbook. It very much centres around the doctor patient relationship giving a patient centred approach. Through its detailed diagrams and clinical photographs it allows the student to understand the workings of medicine more easily and accessible. The book shows students and trainees how to evaluate a situation and how to implement the teaching of the book in real life situations. It offers advice and instructions on how and what to do when treating patients.

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