Books on Medical Negligence

It appears to be tricky in the least to find a list of the bestselling medical negligence books. As with law and medicine the rules in which it is governed are ever changing. The actual rate society is changing is set to break records even though in recent years the economy has slowed seeing economic decrease society on a whole has been constantly changing. It’s a struggle for books to stay up to date especially in subjects that are subjected to change all the time. With many subjects the fundamental issues largely stay the same but still adaptations occur and books are forever being updated and reissued creating newer publications. In order for books to stay ahead of the competition they must filter in new works and bring about updating already published books.

Medical Negligence EnglandAny books that are published to do with law or medical negligence law are out of date before they reach the shelves so this is always important when reading a particular text. When interpreting or trying to implement such findings it is vital to always check for updated versions as the finding may no longer be of any use.

Medical Negligence

Medical negligence is said to be an act committed by a health professional or care provider in which was considered below the standard expected (according to Wikipedia). The act may have resulted in injury or fatality and could have been avoided. It is fair to say the medical negligence and the law closely connected with it has changed more in the last 20 years that it has done in the past 200 years. If a person is thought to have received care below the standard that they had expected to receive or has been injured due to the negligence of a medic staff they can contact a medical negligence claim service such as to receive free advice. Medical negligence is such a broad and expansive subject with more strands being added constantly. Although there is not a relevant list of bestselling books here is a few looking at different aspects.

Medical Negligence by Kiyana Mills

This book is both biographical and autobiographical it is an account to how a women’s life changed after a routine operation which left her disabled and unable to be the women she once was. She is a mother and grandmother and was a qualified midwife, with qualification in law, counselling and physiology.

Medical Negligence by Geoffery Hall

The book is designed for the general public rather than law professionals so that people have access to information on medical negligence and its format being more relaxed than a professional law textbook. Its use is generalised so that patients of medical negligence through to doctors can refer to it.

Lewis and Bunchen Clinical Negligence by Andrew  Buchan

This book is now in its revised 7th edition. As law and medicine is an ever changing field, constantly updating to account for legislation and law changes that take place. It is supplied for professionals who practice law to give a detailed background of medical negligence and the law that rules it. It gives guidance on how to deal with a case of medical negligence and cases so that comparisons and similarities can be made.

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