Bestselling Psychology Textbooks


By David G Myers

PsychologyThis introductory text which is easily one of the best textbooks when it comes to psychology is tailored made for both students and teachers alike offering detailed context to cover both the needs of teacher and student.  It’s clear and precise format is tailored to the learning material needed for students studying psychology offering the latest and most up to date research and findings .


By Dale Purves (Author), George J. Augustine (Author), David Fitzpatrick (Author), William C. Hall (Author), Anthony-Samuel LaMantia (Author), Leonard E. White (Author)

The book is designed for medical, premedical and undergraduate students having further material that is aligned with post graduate students and professionals. In its 5th edition is contains the latest and up to date material needed for such students allowing them to draw on conclusions to the most recent developments in this field area. The book invites readers to examine ideas in this ever changing subject area.

SPSS for Psychologists

By Nicole Brace Dr Rosemary Snelgar, Dr Richard Kemp

This text written and directed towards psychology students also provides a well-informed coverage of psychology as a degree course. The book is written in an exceptionally clear, precise and comprehendible way and its structure, a layout lends to a friendly manner allowing for the enhancement of the readers knowledge. Due to the overall nature of the book it can be studied by any student regardless of their level of education as it provides a set by step technique way of teaching.


By Daniel Schacter, Daniel Gilbert, Daniel Wegner and Bruce Hood

This European edition written by award winning popular science authors provides an introduction to psychology. Psychology presents a story telling style textbook with its engaging insight and comical context it sets to broaden the knowledge of the student on core subjects and areas in this rapidly changing field. Through enthusiasm and excitement it captures the readers mind regarding this ever changing subject. With its modern and contemporary neuroscientific style and approach its gives students up to date clear and precise information.

Biological Psychology: An Introduction to Behavioural, Cognitive, and Clinical Neuroscience

By S. Marc Breedlove and Neil V. Watson

In its 7th edition it is suited towards students studying biological psychology, psychological psychology or behavioural neuroscience courses.  This book provides a comprehensive, detailed and thorough account of biological bases of behaviour. It is structured so that the reader can easily manoeuvre around the text grasping practical applications and key research. The 7th edition contains many new features including ‘The Cutting Edge’ which focuses on new age thinking and the changing issues regarding psychology not to mention the illustrative way of teaching using diagrams and picture to guide students and emphasize new key points. Overall the new edition offers new and fascinating workings and allows students through the colourful program to broaden their thinking  and discovery.

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